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At Suja Juice, we strive to help people transform their lives through conscious nutrition. We’ve handcrafted three lines of delicious Cold-Pressured, Organic & Non-GMO juices & smoothies that are USDA certified Organic and certified Non-GMO. With a wide range of cold-pressured organic offerings, Suja has a juice for every lifestyle. We hope you enjoy all Suja has to offer & live a long, beautiful life. #LoveSuja

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At Suja, we use Cold Pressure, also known as High Pressure Processing (HPP), instead of high heat, to extend shelf life & to help maintain essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes. Head on over to to learn more.

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The Amazing Avocado

Posted by in 1-Day Renewal, Nutrition on July 5, 2015

Avocados have gotten the cold shoulder in the past because they’re high in the dreaded f word…”fat”. That point of view has luckily taken a turn in recent years as more and more research comes out attesting to the fact that fat does NOT make you fat. Avocados are high in heart-healthy...