Original Fresh Start

Suja’s Original Fresh Start™ features a variety of our most popular fruit and vegetable juices for a delicious and nutritious Fresh Start that resets and rejuvenates.

  • For first timers
  • For those wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • For highly active individuals that require a higher calorie intake

Before the fresh start program

A couple of days prior to beginning your program, it is a good idea to start eliminating coffee, alcohol, dairy, red meat, sugar, and white flour and bread products. Maximizing fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will make the transition into your cleanse program much easier!

During the juice cleanse program

On the morning of your first day, start with a warm glass of water with lemon and/or a tablespoon apple cider vinegar. A little while later, when your body feels the need for something more, begin with your juices for the day. They will be consumed as follows:

Original Fresh Start Steps

During the day, stay hydrated with water, teas, and even additional juices if you’d like.

What if I MUST eat something?!

For best results, it is recommended to stick to the juices. However, if you are active or just plain hungry, that’s ok! The best foods to consume are raw fruits and veggies, half an avocado, a baked sweet potato, or broth-based soups.

After the program

Your body has been hard at work resting your digestive tract. You want to ease it back into its normal function by introducing gentle foods first. Your first meals should be smoothies, soups, salads, and veggies, or lighter proteins like beans or steamed fish. With each meal, gradually re-introduce heavier foods one at a time to give your body a chance to catch up. Be mindful and carry the way you feel after your program into your everyday life by making wiser food choices going forward.

Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns throughout your program.