Well+Good: Limited Edition Activated Charcoal by Suja

September 7, 2016
By Suja Juice
In Press

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell+Good recently featured Suja’s latest innovation, an activated charcoal lemonade named Midnight Tonic. The flavor was kept a secret and sent out to Suja VIPs in August and come Friday, 1,000 bottles will be released for sale online.

“The limited edition, called Midnight Tonic, has a simple, clean ingredients list. Besides the activated charcoal, it’s made with lemon, stevia, schizandra berry, and ginger. Unfamiliar with schizandra berry? It’s a go-to Chinese herb for mental clarity and increasing energy, making this a good beverage for sipping at your desk. And since stevia is used as the sweetener, there’s zero sugar inside.”

Get more juicy details here: Well+Good

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