JulieKailus.com: Salad in a Bottle

October 4, 2016
By Suja Juice
In Press

glowSuja is included in a roundup of the blogger, Julie Kailus’s favorite healthy-living goodies. The article on JulieKailus.com deems Suja’s offerings as the perfect alternative to eating your greens.

“There are certain things I can’t stomach, but when it comes to getting more greens in my diet I am more than willing to drink my vegetables. Why would I chop kale all morning when I could quickly swish some collard greens, chard and spinach? Suja has figured out a way to cold-press these organic edibles into tasty bliss, complete with all kinds of complements, from turmeric and mint to lemon and cucumber.”

Catch the full recap here: JulieKailus.com

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