Rock 'N' Roll Marathon

2014 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon

Suja is thrilled to partner with hometown running series Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon San Diego, as the long standing tradition shares Suja’s mission to make a healthy and active lifestyle fun! Here at Suja we want your training to be just as fun, and we have combined forces with two time Olympic Track Athlete, Nick Symmonds, and Certified Sports Nutritionist, Julie Upton, to help Elevate your run!

Elevate your Run with Nick Symmond's 6 Week Training Plan

My name is Nick Symmonds and I am a two time Olympian. Though I am known professionally as a half miler, I frequently run half marathons during my base training phase. The following is a 6-week training cycle designed to prepare the casual runner for the 2014 Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon.

  • “Jog” : Jogging should be at a pace that is comfortable enough to maintain a conversation with running partners.
  • “Run” : Running should be at a pace that is slightly uncomfortable and requires extra focus to maintain an honest pace.
  • Most runs are written in minutes. Run your own pace and don’t be overly concerned with how many miles you cover.
  • Long runs are written in miles. Take your time with them, run them at your own pace.
  • For intervals, easy running should be slightly challenging, but not too uncomfortable. Hard running should be very challenging.
  • Always make sure to listen to your body. Make sure to rest when your body tells you to. If you do not feel challenged enough, feel free to add cross training or weights to supplement the mileage.
  • On the day of competition, I recommend waking up at least two hours before race time.

Be sure to hydrate well and elevate your run with your favorite Suja! See you on Race Day!

Click Here to download Nick's 6 Week Training Plan, so you too can train like an Olympian!

Nick Symmonds

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Elevate your Run with Julie Upton's 6 week Nutrition Guide

Julie Upton

Eating right is one of the most important factors to improving your performance. Here are the most common diet mistakes runners make that you’ll want to avoid:

  1. Trying something new for race day.
  2. Overdoing sports nutrition products like bars, drinks and gels.
  3. Using food as a reward for completing hard workouts
  4. Enjoying Too Many Adult Beverages
  5. Pigging out at a Pre-Race Pasta Dinner

Click Here to download Julie's Full Nutrition Plan, so you can learn more about these nutrition myths!