Vanilla Cloud Cashew Cream

February 25, 2014
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1779821_614317398644865_1255108104_nThis delicious, nutrient-dense cashew cream makes a great alternative to Whipped Cream or Chantilly Cream.

2 cups raw cashews
1.5 cups Vanilla Cloud
2 TBS coconut nectar (or more to taste)

Soak cashews overnight in water. In the morning, drain water and blend with vanilla cloud and coconut nectar in a high powered blender.

Enjoy this tasty treat over fresh berries, pie or ice cream!



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Anya Kaats


Anya has worked within the natural foods industry for her entire professional career, starting at Whole Foods Market and eventually landing her dream job at Suja Juice in late 2013. Having struggled with dietary & digestive issues from a young age, Anya adopted a modified paleo diet during college and noticed a huge improvement in her overall health & well-being. She developed an immense passion for whole, unprocessed, food and nutrition and is thrilled to be able to merge her passion with her professional career, working for a brand that shares her commitment to promoting health and wellness. Anya is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) with a degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.