Suja Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub

August 11, 2014
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Suja Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub(originally featured on Blawnde)

I’ve never really been a big bottled tea girl. Whenever I’m at the store I just don’t gravitate to the tea set and couldn’t really care less about them compared to fresh juices or cool waters. BUT, in general, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of tea – when I make it myself or buy it fresh from a coffee shop. I love tea so much that I totally dropped coffee last year because I just had no need for it anymore. Tea fulfills the ritual, warmth, and smell of coffee in the morning for me and provides the zingy chilled afternoon pick me up of an iced coffee later in the day. I love all different kinds and am constantly switching it up because there’s many good ones!

SO, what’s the point of telling you this? There’s finally a line of bottled teas that are just so next levie and not full of crap that I would fill my whole cart with them and take a bath in them (literally – getting to that in a few…). They’re by us (Suja!) and they are everything we believe in – organic, non- GMO, cold pressured, unheated, and even one that’s BIODYNAMIC..whoa! <– this is like organic on roids – brewed together into 4 delicious blends that are insanely refreshing, unique, and crisp. This week, I’m majorly obsessing over the Biodynamic Unsweetened Black Tea. It’s been so hot in SoCal and it’s such an awesome chuggable iced tea with a nice balanced flavor that gets me more jazzed about hydrating than plain water. Black tea is also good for you. Like really good!


These are all killer health benefits, but black tea takes it a step further and works wonders on your skin. Here’s what up with dat:
– Has tons of antioxidants, polyphenols, tannins and catechins
– Those polyphenols and tannins accelerate skin regeneration
– The antioxidants protect from premature aging and wrinkles and neutralize free radicals from enironmental toxins.
– Soothes irritated and inflamed skin due to acne or sunburns
– Helps fade dark spots

When I got back from Greece, my skin was a bit peely thanks to a sunburn (eek I know!) and I needed to exfoliate badly. I always make my own scrubs and decided to throw the tea in there to help with the sunburn inflammation. Best decision ev! Here’s how I did it:


¼ cup Suja Unsweetened Cold Brewed Black Tea
1 tbs Cinnamon, ground
½ tsp Nutmeg, ground
½ tsp Cardamom, ground
1 tsp ground Vanilla bean
1 cup coarse Turbinado Sugar
½ cup Coconut Oil

Mix it all together and put it in a jar in the shower.The heat of the steam melts the coconut oil and makes a spreadable, thick, grainy scrub that smells like heaven. You will have bikini ready skin in 5 mins!




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Annie Lawless


Annie Lawless, Co-Founder of Suja Juice and Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), developed a passion for health and nutrition as a teenager after years of managing her own food sensitivities. She saw her health vastly improve when she began juicing and following a modified organic diet. Annie strengthened her knowledge for health and nutrition through her work as a yoga instructor and during her training at the Integrative Institute for Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. When not in the kitchen or on the road, Annie spearheads consumer education for Suja, which ranges from blogging on behalf of the brand, sharing her innovative recipe creations on Suja’s social media platforms and her personal favorite, one-on-one interaction with Suja fans.