Complete Meat-Free Proteins

Not all proteins are created equal! Meat-free meals are nearly always cheaper, lower in calories and better for our environment. But the same question always come up- can you get enough protein without meat? Are there meat-free protein sources that … Continue reading

Fuel Down Smoothie 1

Recipe: Fuel Down Smoothie

This is the perfect smoothie to enjoy after a long, hard workout! 8oz Suja Fuel A great source of potassium, a key electrolyte that helps restore hydration levels. Also contains turmeric which aids with inflammation from tearing the muscle fibers … Continue reading


Superfood Breakfast Bowl

In the summer, my go-to breakfasts are green smoothies, fruit bowls, chia puddings, granolas, or chilled raw oatmeals. Now that it’s cooling off a bit, I am getting into fall mode and that means a shift in my eating habits. … Continue reading


Almond Butter Cups

Halloween is one time of year most of us will succumb to some junky stuff. Candy is everywhere and well, it tastes pretty darn good and can be tough to turn down even though we know it’s filled with refined … Continue reading