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4 Nuts to Go Nuts For

Nuts are nutrient packed, fiber and protein rich, healthy fat all stars and a great healthy, convenient snack. But, not all nuts are created equally. Avoid those that are salted, candied, roasted, or packaged in a tub. Stick with raw, … Continue reading


Vanilla Cloud Pancakes

I love Vanilla Cloud. It is one of those drinks that makes me feel nourished, warm, and fuzzy inside. I also love these pancakes, not only because they feature Vanilla Cloud as a star ingredient, but because they are gluten … Continue reading


The Guide to Healthy Oils

The Goods: Flax Oil: A great source of the essential alpha linoleic fatty acid and omega-3’s in which most people are deficient. Flax also contains lignans, which help the body metabolize estrogens. This can be useful in reducing the risk … Continue reading


The Skinny on Healthy Fats

(Originally posted on Annie’s personal blog, Blawnde) I LOVE FATS! Love them! They’re my #1 Stunner. Many years ago I ditched grains and and replaced them with nourishing, lubricating, fat burning, health promoting, skin and hair beautifying fats and it … Continue reading

Five tips for Meditation

Annie’s 5 Tips for Meditation

Many people find meditation intimidating because they don’t know much about it or don’t know where to start. A meditation practice is an extremely valuable tool in quieting the mind of internal chatter, reducing anxiety, increasing concentration, and promoting general … Continue reading


Suja Fuel Granola

I love this recipe because I am always looking for ways to avoid added sugars while still enjoying the things I like. I am A-ok with fruit sugar as it comes in a perfect form from nature packed with nutrients, … Continue reading

Fuel Down Smoothie 1

Recipe: Fuel Down Smoothie

This is the perfect smoothie to enjoy after a long, hard workout! 8oz Suja Fuel A great source of potassium, a key electrolyte that helps restore hydration levels. Also contains turmeric which aids with inflammation from tearing the muscle fibers … Continue reading